Freitag, 20. September 2013

prepared for rainy days


today my "new" rain boots came with the mail. I got them from "Kleiderkreisel" and was first so happy that I found them there because I wanted to have them so badly, but I was a little disappointed that they were more used than I had thought. But anyways I am totally gonna wear them just because I think they still look great and I don't want to get wet feet hehe. 
So yeah at first I didn't want to wear the same scarf as in my previous post, but since it matched the boots so well I put it on anyways :) 
We walked through this really cute town next to where I live and then we had a little dinner :) I really think that these old towns are really romantic. 
I was totally going to take pictures of my giveaway prices today, but it didn't work out since I still need to get some thing for the pictures, so tomorrow will be the day :) 
I wish you all a great and happy weekend, I have some great things planed, like breakfast tomorrow morning with my dad and bf, yay :) oh and don't forget to tell me what you think about this outfit and my new boots. 

                    blazer: zara
                    scarf: zara
                    top: zara
                    leggings: h&m
                    boots: les tres jolis
                    bag: lv

Love, Karla Johanna

Dienstag, 17. September 2013

Mix and match


how are you? Are you enjoying the fall weather as much as I was today? :) Today it was back to work again and I wanted to wear something super comfortable. I decided to put on a pair of leggings which I feel like I haven't worn in such a long time. I am so looking forward to those leggings outfits where you just put them on with a longer top or sweater and a cool jacket and there you have it, a perfect outfit for the fall time :). I still need to renew some of those longer tops because mine are kind of worn out. I think the best basic tops you can find at the basic section in Gina Tricot. 
You may have noticed that my blog hasn't been too lively the past few weeks, I don't really know what the problem was. Somehow I just didn't feel like my blog and I were best friends anymore, but I think that now that a new season is coming up and I have a lot to share with you (like my little giveaway) my blog will be more updated again :) 
Oh and I almost forgot. If you take a closer look at my hair you'll notice that it's like 12cm shorter haha. I just felt like I needed a fresh haircut and wanted it to have a little shorter. Maybe not as short as it turned out but yeah, it will eventually grow longer some day haha. 
So I wish you a nice evening/day and hope that it's not too rainy where ever you are right now :) 

                                                  Jacket: primark
                                                  Scarf and bag: zara
                                                  Plaid shirt: forever21
                                                  Shoes: convers
                                                  Sunnies: rayban

Love, Karla Johanna

Donnerstag, 12. September 2013

New in: vacation shopping


so as in my last post mentioned, I am going to show you in this post some of what I shopped while I was in the states. I feel like this time I didn't get anything that is like my favorite thing, cause I got more smaller things and then just a few clothing items. It was kind of hard to find good clothes, because it was still totally summer there, but I didn't want to get too many summer things, because I knew that coming back home I couldn't wear them anyways. So I tried to look for things that are wearable when the weather is colder. And of course I had to get some makeup stuff because I love using good makeup and shopping for it haha. 
I would love to know what your favorite item from my haul is. And be sure to stick around because I will be doing a giveaway very soon, and maybe I will be giving away one of the shown things below?! 

So here you can see some of my new makeup. I had planed to get a new Mac blush, the hoola bronzer and some realtechniques brushes. I was so happy when I was once in Walmart and spotted all these brushes and I   just had to get them all haha. The cute little hair bow I found at American Apparel.

I had never been at Bath&Bodyworks before but this time I had planed to go there to smell all the greatness they have. I couldn't get any big candles because it would have been too heavy for my luggage, but I found these small amazing smelling ones and I am looking forward to those cozy fall evenings when I am going to light them up :) 

And of course I couldn't skip Victoria's Secret Pink. I love that hoodie and I thought it looked so fun with the leopard print letters so I got it along with this huge water bottle. 

This sweater at the left is from Old Navy and the other two are from Forever21. Very wearable in fall time I think :)

I had been looking like forever for used look jeans and found these two at Hollister. I love their jeans for their softness and comfort. Also they fit me very well and they had like a 50% off all jeans so the decision was easy. 

I had planed to get a new watch for a long time now and when this brown simple one came along, and it had a very good discount, I had to get it. 

Lastly one thing I got a few days ago here back home. I was at Zara and this huge scarf was hanging there and screaming my name. It's super chunky and it will keep me warm on those up coming colder days :) I like the pattern and the colors very much. 

Love, Karla Johanna

Sonntag, 8. September 2013

Seals, sunset & the beach


so now I am back home and I am really jet lagged. Usually I don't have it that bad, but the 10h flight from LA to Amsterdam was terrible, we didn't have a cm to move anywhere and I couldn't sleep as much as I had wanted to. So yesterday and today I have mostly been hanging around and not feeling so well. But today I went to the gym which felt really good, since I gained quite a bit in the last two weeks :D oh boy... maybe I shouldn't have eaten everything that looked so good. But anyways I know that my motivation is up and I am so ready to get in shape again. 
So now to the pictures. In San Diego we drove one evening to La Jolla beach and we saw all these cute little seals which were so close to all the people and some were even swimming next to them. And then we also saw this beautiful and awesome sunset which I loved to see. 
Coming back to Los Angeles we stopped at Manhattan beach. The pier was nothing special which I somehow had expected, but the beach was super awesome and the weather was just perfect. But of course random me had to put on a wool sweater haha. 
So in my next post I'll show you some of what I purchased there :) 
Hope that you are doing great although the weather is very fallish, but that can also be a good thing right?! 

Love, Karla Johanna

Montag, 2. September 2013

An evening walk


today we enjoyed our day in San Diego and after a little shopping, we took a walk at a beach and on the other side we saw the skyline of San Diego. I loved it there :) it was so chilled out and people were having fun and making some bbq. I think I might like San Diego the most from our three stops here on the west cost. The city is not too big and it's very green here in comparison to Los Angeles or Las Vegas (haha). 
I got myself some new goodies which you can spot in the pictures. First my new plaid shirt which I got from Forever21 along with my faux leather shorts. I think those shorts will also be perfect for fall paired with some tights. On our drive from Las Vegas to San Diego we stopped at a mall and I found this awesome Michael Kors watch which I fell in love with. I actually didn't want to get a MK watch because I thought that they are often too over the top but this one is very simple and elegant I think and not too bling bling. 
What do you think of this watch? I added a few "surrounding" pics to this post just because I loved it so much and wanted to share it with you. 
I am always very happy to read your nice comments and would love to know what you think about this outfit :) I hope you are doing fine! 

plaid shirt and shorts: forever21 / tshirt: selected / shoes: sperry / sunnies: ray ban

Love, Karla Johanna