Donnerstag, 28. Februar 2013

Black and New York


the day didn't start well. I was in a really bad mood and then it was my last day of work and I had to finish some stuff and it all just came together so I wasn't really happy. But anyways I wanted to take pictures of my outfit because it's something that makes me happy and brings me to a good mood :) So I was wearing a black basic skirt paired with a top that I found in my old closet. I like it and it brings back some good memories and reminds me of happy times in the states. I was unsure about the shoes but then again I just took my black boots. I am looking forward to tomorrow because then I am going to have my whole closet again :) yaay
How do you like the combination? 

xx Karla Johanna
p.s. here is a link to a blog of a sweet girl who is looking for some blogs to do a blog presentation. I wanted to enter and with some luck she'll pick my blog :)


  1. Schönes Outfit :)

  2. T-Shirt und Kette sind durch das schlichte Outfit gut in Szene gesetzt :)