Donnerstag, 30. Mai 2013

ready for dinner


how have you been? Today is a holiday here and my parents are coming down for the weekend :) They will be here in a few hours and then we are going to have a dinner at a italian restaurant. I thought it would be fun to put on some nice cloths, so I decided to go for a skirt and of course a sweater :D haha. I think that this paris sweater looks cosy and classy because of the glittery letters. And I also curled my hair a little because usually my hair is pin straight. 
Tomorrow I have two classes and then my mom and I are going to do some shopping :) yay. Let's see what we'll find. I just hope that the weather is going to be ok because I can't stand the rain anymore. 
I wish you a nice weekend :) how do you like my outfit? 

sweater: mango / skirt and bag: zara / belt: primark / shoes: noname

Love, Karla Johanna

Montag, 27. Mai 2013

Tag 11 questions


I was tagged by Lilly from "wildones" and thought that this was a fun tag to do, so I am going to answer the questions she posted :) 
If you rather read the german version scroll a little bit down.

1. What's your favorite dish?
The thing I love to eat most at the moment are definitely banana pancakes. I just loove how simple they are and they always turn out well :) 
And then I love to eat real mexican food.. soo yummy.

2. What's your favorite place to spend your vacation? 
I love to be in Helsinki and I think it's one of the most beautiful cities. And maybe it's also because my whole family comes from Helsinki... hehe :)

3. Have you been to the USA and if so, what's your favorite place there?
Yes I have been to the states a few times now, and I have to say that I am totally in love with the west coast. Although New England and New York are also nice places, I just love the heat and the beach. Oh and Texas is also soo cool :) I really can't decide... 

4. What's your holy grail in terms of beauty? 
I got to say that the one thing I love to use the most is a highlighter from MAC called whisper of glit. It's so beautiful and it gives you the most beautiful glow :) try it if you haven't yet!

5. Are you in a relationship? If yes, for how long now? 
Yes :) for about 2,5 years now <3

6. What do you prefer? Rain or sunshine? 
Definitely SUNSHINE :)

7. Skirts or pants?
Haha a few years ago I totally would have said skirts, but since I don't feel that comfortable anymore with my legs and everything I like to wear more pants. 

8. The worst pick-up line?
"I lost my number, can I have your's..?" aaaarrrghhh

9. Would you sometimes like to be someone else? If so, who and why?
Sometimes I would like to be me, but like 10 years forwarded :D I am so curious what the future will bring and that would really help to just relax and know that everything will be fine.

10. How is your dream wedding?
It's on a little island near Helsinki. The grass is green and there are some beautiful trees and a big white house. The sun is shining and we all are having a really good time dancing and laughing :)

11. I never leave the house without... 
My iPhone. Yes even when I take out the garbage I have my cell with me. 

German version: 

1. Was is dein Lieblingsessen?
Im Moment liebe ich es mir Bananen Pancakes zu machen. Sie sind so einfach zu machen und schmecken einfach immer gut :)
Außerdem liebe ich echtes Mexikanisches Essen :) soo lecker...

2. Was ist dein liebster Urlaubsort?
Ich liebe es in Helsinki zu sein und ich finde es ist eines der schönsten Städte. Aber vielleicht liegt es auch daran, dass meine ganze Familie aus Helsinki stammt... :)

3. Warst du schon einmal in Amerika und wenn ja was sind deine liebsten Plätze dort bzw. wenn nein, wo möchtest du am liebsten hin?
Ja ich war jetzt schon einige male in den USA, und ich liiebe die Westküste. Obwohl New England und New York auch toll sind, liebe ich die Hitze und den Strand an der Westküste. Oh und Texas ist auch einfach toll... Ich kann mich nicht wirklich entscheiden :D

4. Was ist dein heiliger Gral aus dem Bereich Beauty?
Was ich am liebsten benutze ist der "whisper of glit" Highliter von MAC. Er verleiht so einen schönen wunderschönen Glow auf den Wangen :) Testet es mal falls ihr es noch nicht getan habt!

5. Bist du in einer Beziehung? Wenn ja, wie lange schon?
Ja :) seit ungefähr 2,5 Jahren <3

6. Magst du lieber Regen oder Sonnenschein?
Absolutes Sonnenkind :) Regen macht mich depressiv.

7. Röcke oder Hosen?
Vor ein paar Jahren hätte ich definitiv Röcke gesagt, aber in letzter Zeit fühle ich mich nicht mehr so wohl mit meinen Beinen und so und deshalb trage ich lieber Hosen :)

8. Der schlimmste Anmachspruch?
"Ich hab meine Nummer verloren, kann ich deine haben?"...

9. Würdest du gerne mal in jemand anderens Haut schlüpfen? Wenn ja, in wessen und warum? 
Manchmal würde ich mich gerne mal in mein älteres ich hineinversetzen, das so ca 10 Jahre älter ist. Ich bin so neugierig was alles in der Zukunft passieren wird, und das 
würde wirklich helfen einfach zu entspannen und zu wissen, dass alles gut sein wird :)

10. Wie sieht deine Traumhochzeit aus? 
Meine Traumhochzeit findet auf einer kleinen Insel vor Helsinki statt, die Wiese ist dort grün mit großen Birken und einem großen weißen Haus. Die Sonne scheint und wir haben alles Spaß und tanzen und lachen :)

11. Ich verlasse das Haus nie ohne... 
mein iPhone. Ich habe es wirklich immer bei mir, auch wenn ich nur Müll rausbringe. 

So these were my answers to the 11 questions and now it's time for me to think of the next 11 questions. Here they are:

1. Which is your favorite bag?
2. Which is your favorite beverage?
3. Is it easy for you to get angry?
4. If you could travel any city in the world, which would it be?
5. Someone gave you a 100 €. What would be the first thing you would do with the money?
6. At what time do you have to get up in the morning?
7. Which is your favorite song at the moment?
8. Which is a fun childhood memory that comes first into your mind?
9. Which is your favorite perfume?
10. What was the worst job you did so far?
11. Would you leave the house with no makeup on?

1. Welche ist deine liebste Tasche?
2. Was ist dein liebstes Getränk?
3. Wirst du schnell böse oder wütend?
4. Wenn du dir eine Stadt der Welt zum bereisen aussuchen dürftest, welche wäre es?
5. Jemand gibt dir 100€. Was wäre das erste was du mit dem Geld machen würdest?
6. Um wie viel Uhr musst du morgens aus dem Bett?
7. Was ist dein liebstes Lied im Moment?
8. Welches ist eine lustige Erinnerung aus deiner Kindheit die dir als erstes einfällt?
9. Welches ist dein liebstes Parfüm?
10. Welches war der schlimmste Nebenjob den du bisher gemacht hast?
11. Würdest du ungeschminkt aus dem Haus gehen?

I tag / Ich tagge:


I would loove if you would like to answer my questions :) 

I hope you liked this post and next time I'll have a new fashion post for you :) 

Love, Karla Johanna

Freitag, 24. Mai 2013

Nike Air Max! Yay or nay?


I am in a tricky situation. I read yesterday that Footlocker has a 30% discount on all their stuff. So I instantly thought about the air max that I had been looking at for the last month but I always thought their were overpriced. But now they would be under 100 € so the price would be ok for me. I printed out the voucher and drove to the nearest store. But turns out they didn't have the ones I wanted in my size. I always had thought that the neon orange ones with beige would be so perfect. But then I saw these pink ones and thought that they also looked pretty cool. I tried them on and now it comes to the part what makes me so unsure about air max. The bulkiness! When I look down to my feet I see two biggo feet and I don't know if that's cool :D I mean when I see them on other people I don't think that it looks weird... it's just when I see them on me. Does anyone feel the same? So now I am unsure what I should do. It's a very good deal, but a) I don't know if they look cool on me, and b) it's not really the color that I had thought of. 
So I sat there for about 10 minutes thinking of what to do... the result was that the store is holding them back for me till tomorrow evening and I am still not sure what to do :D 
But one good thing is that I have planed to go to Stuttgart tomorrow and maybe, if I am a little lucky they will have to orange ones there :) And then I get to think about wether they look good or not all over again haha. 
So my main point of this post was to ask you what do you think about Air Max? And how do you like the pink ones in the pictures? 
Oh that was quite a text just about a pair of shoes, but you know it's not that easy :D 
Thank you for your help :)

sorry for the bad pictures but I had to take them kind of secretly  :)

Love, Karla Johanna

Mittwoch, 22. Mai 2013

rainy day chillin


today it is raining agaain. How depressing is that? I just wish that the weather would change a little but it seems that it's not possible :( And all my new summer things are still waiting and shouting "please wear me!" but I can't do anything about it haha. So today I had to put something warm on and I chose my thick cozy green sweater. I combined it with my favorite black jeans and a leather jacket. 
Soo I am think of dying my hair later on but I am not quite sure if I have the guts to... I chose a color that I know will come out good (or at least I know someone how dyed her hair with that exact color and I really like how the color came out on her hair) but still I don't know if it will look good. But no risk no fun right? 
Oh and then yesterday I cleaned out my closet and put things on sale at Kleiderkreisel, so if you are interested to see what I have there go check out my catalog, my username is "Karluschka". I am selling some of my shirts, all less than 10€. 
So that was a lot to read but I hope you don't mind :)

sweater: ebay / jacket: zara / jeans: primark / shoes: noname 

Love, Karla Johanna

Sonntag, 19. Mai 2013

snakes don't bite


how has your weekend been so far? :) Mine has been quite nice I studied today and cleaned my home. And now I am watching a movie on TV "knight and day" :) let's see if it's good. The weather today was horrible and I was really glad we took these pictures yesterday evening. I was wearing my snake pants and to have I bit of a pattern mixture I paired them with my striped shirt and a short blazer. I would have loved to see how this combination works with my longer blazer but I can't get my hands on it because it's at my parents place :( I bought the snake pants from last summer sale at Mango and haven't had many chances to wear them jet. But I really like them and I think that they are going to be great for summery outfits :) How do you like the combination? 

pants: mango / blazer: h&m / shirt: zara / heels: buffalo

Love, Karla Johanna

Freitag, 17. Mai 2013

Me lately


how have you been lately? :) I was a little absent because the weather is absolutely not good at the moment and it's cold and rainy outside. So nothing close to perfect weather for taking photos. I really hate being cold so the last few days I have been wearing longsleeves again with some comfy cardigans and I even put on my winter boots today! But tgif and I have a whole week with no courses ahead of me :) But I really need to study because in two months the semester will already be over and my planed vacation trip is coming closer :) But before I fly I have to work for like five weeks to get some money for the trip, because I know I am going to shop there a lot since we are going to be in LA, Las Vegas and San Diego. So that is something I am really looking forward to when the weather here is not really great. 
I wanted to share with you some of my outfit pictures I have been taking lately with my iPhone since it was not really possible the past few days to make a whole outfit shoot with the camera and all. 
I hope you enjoy the pictures anyways and tell me what you have planed for your summer vacation? :)

this is a typical outfit of the last few days. Black jeans and jacket with a white longsleeve. 

This is a new pair of shoes that I really like :) they kind of look like the blazer sneakers form Nike, but are much more affordable. I found them on Asos for under 20€. So if you like the Nike ones but can't spend like 100€ on sneakers right now go check them out here :)

It's kind of hard to tell but here I am wearing a black jumpsuit from H&M. It's the one with the cut out back :) I had been looking at it for a few times in the H&M store but always thought that it wouldn't look good on me till I decided to get give it a try. And then I couldn't find it in the store and I was really sad, till I found it somewhere hidden in the last corner :) haha so I really had to get it since I already had had the feeling of not being able to get it. 

this was about a week ago when I was on my way home. I was wearing leather leggings with a long shirt and a loose knit sweater on top of it.  

here I am wearing my pink gina tricot jeans with a white top and black blazer from Zara.  But stupid me, I forgot the blazer at home and now I don't know when I am going to get it back :( 

Love, Karla Johanna

Montag, 13. Mai 2013

get to know me: 30 facts about me


I wanted you to get to know me better, so listing a few random facts here could help to do that. I like these posts on other blogs and I think it's always fun to read them and there is always something that I wouldn't have thought. And to not just have text I added a few random pictures form my iPhone. So here I go: 

1. I wanted to become a pilot for many years, and I actually got pretty far in the application tests from Lufthansa
2. I am a morning person. I love getting up early and having like 1,5 h to get ready
3. and there is nothing better than breakfast. If I could I would eat breakfast all day :D
4. I don't eat fish, although it's very natural for Finns to eat fish :D 
5. I am really shy when it comes to getting to know new people in a group
6. I love to travel and have been to several countries like India, Mexico, USA, all central America, and then many european countries. 
7. I was an exchange student in Cost Rica for a year
8. I rarely use perfume. I have some really good ones but somehow I just forget to use them
9. I am always freezing. Although it might be hot outside I feel cold. 
10. I love summer. I am absolutely not a winter person. I have a dream of once living in a place where there is no winter :D

that was me in Hamburg at the time when I was applying for the pilot education

11. I speak 4 languages. I used to speak 5 but I have forgotten most of my french. 
12. I love watching series. Right now I am waiting for the 4th season of pretty little liars to come out (11th June yaay)
13. I always have to tidy up my home because I am messy, but I also don't like to live in a mess :D haha if that makes any sense
14. 14 is my favorite number! :) (maybe because my birthday is on June 14th)
15. I once tried to dye my hair brown but it turned out green, but I didn't really change it. So I was running around for like half a year with green hair :D haha (ok but that was like long ago) 
16. I love baking. I try to bake something weekly. This week it'll be oatmeal raisin      cookies.
17. I hate to be late for appointments. So I always plan to be 5 minutes earlier there. But I don't mind when people come late to a date.
18. I wish I could go every week to the cinema. I love the atmosphere in movie theaters.
19. I have done bungee jumping 
20. I am not afraid of any spiders nor little insects. One year in Costa Rica really get's you to get used to those little things.

this is a cake I once baked 

21. I have a friend who I have known for my whole life since our moms are also very good friends. But I don't see her that often because she lives in Finland. 
22. The only pet I have ever had were two bunnies. They were really cute but then they disappeared and I was really sad. But I want to have a little dog so badly but since I am the whole day at the university I don't think it would be nice for him/her.  
23. I don't like to order stuff online because I can't wait to see them. So I rather go into the shop so I don't have to wait. 
24. I rarely drink alcohol or go to parties 
25. Later I would love to have a job where I can travel a lot and be in airplanes haha. 
26. Navy/dark blue is my favorite color
27. I haven't eaten any chocolate for about five months
28. I am the worst when it comes to having good arguments for a discussion 
29. When I hear music in my apartment I just have to dance :D especially in the evenings before going to bed. 
30. I love reading great blogs and blogging on my own blog :) 

and here I am last summer in Finland 

I hope that you enjoyed the 30 facts about me and it helped you to get to know me better :) I would love if you would tell me what you thought of this kind of post and if you have any questions go ahead and ask me :) 

Love, Karla Johanna 

Samstag, 11. Mai 2013

pink in the city


I have been really enjoying my time here at my parents place :) today I met a friend and we had frozenyoghurt together which was really good :) I love all the toppings, especially the fresh fruits. Then my dad and I went to the city and got some books for my studies and some smaller things. But really great was that I found these black leather shoes, which are kind of a ballerina style but maybe also a slipper? I don't know exactly how to call them but I liked them a lot and I hope that the quality is good :) So today I was wearing a new shirt from pieces which I got for only 8€ because they had a 50% discount on the whole store! I paired that with my leather jacket, black jeans and my whit convers  since I just found my new shoes. 
Tomorrow I'll be back home :) I wish you a wonderful saturday night and hope that you are having a lot of fun.

jacket: zara / shirt: pieces / jeans: primark / shoes: piolo / bag: louis vuitton

Love, Karla Johanna

Donnerstag, 9. Mai 2013

presents from the USA

Hey there

yesterday after my classes I jumped into a train and traveled home to my parents place :) Usually I don't like to take the train because it really takes forever to get from Stuttgart to Essen but this time it was the best way to get here. So in the evening we were eating in a small italian restaurant and then my dad showed me what my family brought me from their USA trip. I was soo excited because they actually found everything I had on my wish list, and even more :) But you'll see in the following pictures. 
Tomorrow I have planed to go shopping and I am curios to see what I can find here for spring and summer, because in the city I live there is nothing that I would like to have. 
I hope that you have a nice day and let me know what you thing of my presents :) 

these two babies were on my wish list. I wanted to try the Revlon BB creme because I had heard so much good things about it, and so far I really like it. And the Georgio Armani face fabric is my all time favorite make up :)

I really wanted to try the Revlon lipbutter and my mom and sister got me the color sweet tart which is a nice pink tone :) and the two other ones are Revlon lipglosses in the color atomic pink (haha isn't that a cool name?) and in pink whisper.

and then they got me a backup of my favorite face moisturizer which is the DDML by Clinique.

and ofc, who would have guess, an EOS lip balm. I think they are so overpriced here in Germany and also in Finland so I am really happy that the got me one. And it tastes soo good and I think it's really good for the lips.

I love Mac's fix+ but again, so expensive here in Europe compared to the price in the states. 

I also ran out of my favorite powder so it was really good that they got a new one for me :) 

and then they found these two beautiful nailpolishes at forever21 which look really cute on my nails, and a base and top coat from Revlon. 

and then finally a new pair of white convers :) I am soo happy that after a long search they found these. On my wish list I had them with the high ankle but it was not possible to find them anywhere, so I am also really happy with these ones.

And that was it :) thank you again so much Mom, Dad and sister! <3 

Love, Karla Johanna

Sonntag, 5. Mai 2013

Same but different


oh boy I am kind of frustrated. Turns out that since a couple of weeks I haven't had anything in my wardrobe that I actually like to wear. I feel like everything I put on I have worn a million times and there are not many new and other ways to combine the clothes. I went trough my stuff today and was seriously considering selling like 50% of my things and then start with fresh cloths. Like the majority of my sweaters and hoodies are not in a good shape anymore and I can wear them for chilling in my apartment or for working out but not really on a regular day :( But buying many new cloths which I really like is kind of expensive and I actually have to save money for my vacation trip. So right now I am kind of depressed that I can't do much about the situation. But maybe I should invest in a few items which I really like and can wear many different ways? I am not sure... 
Does anyone feel the same sometimes? 
So my outfit of today was not much different from what I have shown you here before. My print shirt, some colored skinnies and a blazer. 
But there is also good news :) I have my very own domain now, so you can reach my blog now by just typing hehe.  Isn't that cool? :) I am kind of proud. 
So I hope that you are happier with your wardrobe at the moment and I wish you a nice week :) 

blazer, shirt: zara / jeans: gina tricot / bag: justfab

Love, Karla Johanna

Freitag, 3. Mai 2013

New friend for summer


my online purchase from wednesday reached me today :) I was excited to see how the bag looked like in real life and I got to say that I am really happy with it. Although it is a little smaller than I had expected and usually I tend to have bigger bags but I think that the size is perfect for summer :) I could choose between green and white and although green would have been very nice too, I thought that white could be better for summery outfits. So soon I will have some outfits pictures with my new love :) 
Today I was in the city and looked for some things I still need for spring like a pair of light blue jeans, a white blazer or a red cardigan, but I didn't find anything. But next week I will go home to my parents place for the weekend so I hope that I can find there something, since the city has many more shops :) 
I wish you a nice weekend and hope that your weather is better than mine here! 

bag from JustFab

Love, Karla Johanna

Mittwoch, 1. Mai 2013

Chic or geek?


as promised I am going to show you my favorite outfit at the moment. I love to put on some jeans, a sweater and then on top of that my blazer. I don't always wear my heels, usually more like convers or a pair of other flats because walking in heels all day can be painful (who doesn't know ;)). So today is first of May and I am pretty much just chilling,  studying every once in a while and reading my new book I bought for my kindle. Later on some friends are coming over and we are going to make lasagna which I hope will turn out good :) hehe. It really feels good to just have one day off in the week so you have time to breathe and I also went jogging in the morning :) yay. 
I hope you are enjoying the day and find some time to relax. Tell me what you think of my outfit :) 

blazer: zara / sweater: ebay / jeans, bag and necklace: primark / heels: noname

Love, Karla Johanna