Donnerstag, 9. Mai 2013

presents from the USA

Hey there

yesterday after my classes I jumped into a train and traveled home to my parents place :) Usually I don't like to take the train because it really takes forever to get from Stuttgart to Essen but this time it was the best way to get here. So in the evening we were eating in a small italian restaurant and then my dad showed me what my family brought me from their USA trip. I was soo excited because they actually found everything I had on my wish list, and even more :) But you'll see in the following pictures. 
Tomorrow I have planed to go shopping and I am curios to see what I can find here for spring and summer, because in the city I live there is nothing that I would like to have. 
I hope that you have a nice day and let me know what you thing of my presents :) 

these two babies were on my wish list. I wanted to try the Revlon BB creme because I had heard so much good things about it, and so far I really like it. And the Georgio Armani face fabric is my all time favorite make up :)

I really wanted to try the Revlon lipbutter and my mom and sister got me the color sweet tart which is a nice pink tone :) and the two other ones are Revlon lipglosses in the color atomic pink (haha isn't that a cool name?) and in pink whisper.

and then they got me a backup of my favorite face moisturizer which is the DDML by Clinique.

and ofc, who would have guess, an EOS lip balm. I think they are so overpriced here in Germany and also in Finland so I am really happy that the got me one. And it tastes soo good and I think it's really good for the lips.

I love Mac's fix+ but again, so expensive here in Europe compared to the price in the states. 

I also ran out of my favorite powder so it was really good that they got a new one for me :) 

and then they found these two beautiful nailpolishes at forever21 which look really cute on my nails, and a base and top coat from Revlon. 

and then finally a new pair of white convers :) I am soo happy that after a long search they found these. On my wish list I had them with the high ankle but it was not possible to find them anywhere, so I am also really happy with these ones.

And that was it :) thank you again so much Mom, Dad and sister! <3 

Love, Karla Johanna


  1. sehr schöner Haul! Meine Mutti ist grad in UK und hat auch ne Liste von mir :D ♥♥♥ S

    1. hihi dann hoffe ich, dass sie auch für dich alles findet :)

  2. wow, sehr toll! sind denn die sachen sooo viel teuerer hier als in den usa ?
    die converse sind ja toll, hab mir gerade welche in rot geholt :)


    1. jaa ich finde die sind schon um einiges preiswerter, vor allem so Kosmetik. Meistens ist der Dollar Preis sogar unter dem Euro Preis und dann wird es ja noch mal durch den Wechselkurs niedriger :) in rot finde ich die auch sehr schön :) eine gute Wahl!

  3. Na da war deine Familie aber fleißig!
    Ich mag inzwischen die "niedrigen" Converse viel lieber :)
    P.S.: Vielleicht eine doofe Frage, aber du schreibst öfters mal "OFC", was heißt das?

    1. Ja das stimmt wohl :) stimmt ich mag die niedrigen auch eigentlich lieber, aber ich dachte der Abwechslunghalber wären die höheren auch nicht schlecht gewesen :D
      Gut dass du fragst :) ich bin nur zu faul "of course" auszuschreiben ;)

  4. Ohhh, sind das tolle Geschenke. ♥ Darüber hätte ich mich auch sehr gefreut. =)

    hier geht’s zu meinem Blog ♥

  5. Wirklich tolle Sachen ♥

    Lieber Gruß

  6. Hey, ich habe dich für den Best Blog Award nominiert. Wenn du möchtest kannst du die Nominierung annehmen :)

  7. Neid!
    Wollte schon immer die Lip Butter von Revlon ausprobieren :(