Samstag, 30. März 2013

simple saturday


I am so happy that I have a new post today :) yesterday I felt a little sick and then I had my flight home and I couldn't take pictures. It feels good to be home and ofc I had to go to the city today :D But like I had thought, the city was sooo full of people and I tried to go into Primark, but when I saw the queue for the check out I decided to come back on tuesday. But I finally found a striped shirt with black base color. I know this outfit looks a bit like the previous outfit but I just like to wear that combination at the moment :) 
Now I will continue to watch the first season of pretty little liars, I am so hooked on it. I don't know why I didn't start earlier watching this series. 
Hope you have a happy easter :) 

jacket and shirt: zara / scarf: gina tricot / jeans: primark / shoes: deichmann / bag: LV

Love, Karla Johanna

Mittwoch, 27. März 2013

More black than white


today I'll show you an outfit that I like to wear for everyday occasions. It's casual and not too chic for the university or any other everyday place. The striped sweater I found in the sale section at H&M and since I do love stripes I had to grab it :) I kept this outfit pretty much black and white, except the green jacket, with some silver detailing. I am usually not really a silver person but I love the belt and so ofc everything else had to be in silver :D Today the sun was actually shining but I wasn't that quick with my pictures :( 
I am really looking forward for the weekend because Friday evening I will fly home and stay there till the next week yay :) My sister will also be there and I am really happy to see her again! Unfortunately we don't see each other that often because she lives in Finland. But when we meet it's always a lot of fun :) 
I hope you are doing good so far and hope you like this outfit. 

jacket: zara / sweater and belt: h&m / pants and skarf: primark / ballerinas: old

Love, Karla Johanna

Sonntag, 24. März 2013

Random walking


today I have only a few pictures of my outfit. We took some pictures but some how the lighting was not so good so I only chose these three pictures. I was wearing my cozy coat with a printed shirt and my burgundy pants. I like to combine chic stuff with unexpected details like the shirt. 
I was studying and did some cleaning at home and then I went to eat at a mexican restaurant :) I love mexican food especially the tacos in Mexico but it's so  hard to find the real ones here! 
Tomorrow I have a long day, and I even have planed to go for a jog at 6 am :D 
I wish you a nice and productive week :) 

jacket and shirt: zara / pants: primark / bag: louis vuitton / necklace: h&m 

xx Karla Johanna

Freitag, 22. März 2013

Friday my day


yaay finally it's Friday and the weekend is staring :) I had a long week because today I also had a course on how to use some computer programs and it took like forever. But we had perfect weather today so after the courses I ran home to take some pictures and to catch the last shafts of sunlight. In this city there is a little mountain and we climbed that up cause we thought it was a good location to take the pictures :) It was the first day you could feel that the spring is trying to break through and I can't wait to see the little green leaves starting to grow on trees. 
I was wearing my fav leather pants today and paired them with a sweater. I used a few accessories to spice up the outfit and to not make it look booring :) I love that gold "shark teeth" necklace. 
What do you think about this outfit? I wish you a nice weekend and hope that the sun will keep on shining. 

jacket: zara / sweater: gina tricot / pants: mango / bag: ebay / shoes: convers / necklace: primark / watch: casio

xx Karla Johanna

Mittwoch, 20. März 2013

Raspberry red


yesterday I was in the city and wasn't looking for anything until this raspberry red sweater fell into my hands. It was love at first sight and ofc I had to try it on and it fit perfect :) I can even wear it the "one shoulder"-style which I think is quite awesome because it like it, but I just never happened to have anything that I could wear like this. So I bought it and paired it with green pants and my leather jacket. I know this outfit is not really special, but I like the colors and it's an everyday outfit. 
After university my friend came over and we made some yummy pizza :) And now I am stuck watching the 10th season of two and a half men, which I think is hilarious and I do like Asthon Kutcher. 
How do you like my everyday outfit? I hope that you are all well <3

jacket: Zara / sweater: NewYorker / pants and necklace: Primark / Bag: juicy couture / 

xx Karla Johanna

Montag, 18. März 2013

When the sun shines...


today I have a quick outfit post :) I just came from the university and have to drive in a few minutes to the airport. The physic tasks were ok and they didn't take as long as expected. But I am really happy that tuesday is a short day :) 
This outfit is really simple but I like the combination of the colors. And I am finally wearing my booties which I find are really difficult to combine with other stuff because of the color. 
Too bad that the sun is gone again and now it's grey and cold. But it can only get better hehe. 
I wish you all a nice and successful week <3

Jeans and knit: Primark / booties: Zara

xx Karla Johanna

Samstag, 16. März 2013

My saturday


today I had two fiends over and it was really nice that they took some pictures of me :) I was wearing my new pants and a jacket that I have not been using much lately. Although the sun was shining it was freezing and it was good that I had my cosy jacket on. And ofc I had to put on a sweater, since I love wearing them so much :D I think they can make some outfits look so much more relaxed and ofc they keep you warm :) I hate being cold.  
Now I am going to watch some shows on tv and relax at my place. 
How do you like my outfit? 

Jacket: Zara / Sweater, Pants: Mango / Shirt: H&M / Heels: Buffalo / Bag: ebay

xx Karla Johanna

ps here is a link to a sweet girl's blog, where she is looking for some blogs do to a blog presentation.

Freitag, 15. März 2013

Some good time


yesterday I had some friends over and we had a fun evening :) We made some cinnamon rolls and had some white wine. Today I didn't have anything at the university so I could chill and I was in the city to get me some leather pants that I had ordered to Mango. I was really curious because I didn't know if the size would fit me but it did and now I am so happy :) tomorrow I am going to shoot some outfit pictures and I hope I am going to have a nice pairing with them. But let's see what my mood is like tomorrow and what I am going to wear. Yesterday a sweater came that I had been waiting for over a month (!!!) which is a really long time I think. But now I am totally in love with it and I know that I am going to wear it a lot so it was worth the wait. 
I am sorry that I am not posting that much anymore I feel bad about it. But it's hard with all the stuff that's going on but I am doing my best. 
I hope that you are fine and that you are going to have a great weekend :) 

I love to have something from Finland in my home :) 

Waiting for some yummy cinnamon rolls. I got inspired from

the outcome. Not many were left at the end of the evening :D

xx Karla Johanna

Dienstag, 12. März 2013

Starting a new semester


finally I have a new post :) on sunday it was rainy and I didn't want to go out and yesterday I was the whole day at the university. I thought the first day of the new semester would be more relaxing but I had almost the whole day physics. From now on every monday I am going to have a partner work until 8 pm and we have to do some physical experiments. How nice will 12 h at the university be? :D In the evening I went with my friend to the cinema to see Save heaven. I didn't know that it was soo scary and I almost died at the end. But I liked it a lot :)
Yesterday I wore my  favorite jeans and paired them with a striped shirt and my leather jacket. Since it's so cold again I had to throw on a scarf to not get a cold. And ofc I had my new bag with me and I looove it :) I can really put all my stuff in there and I think it looks so chic but not too fancy.  
How do you dress for school or university? And have you seen save heaven yet? 

Jacket: Zara / Shirt: VeroModa / Jeans: Primark / Bag: / Scarf: Versace / Shoes: Convers / Earrings: Forever21

xx Karla Johanna

Samstag, 9. März 2013

Hello Saturday


today I am not really doing anything just relaxing at home and preparing myself for Monday when the new semester will be staring. I wanted to bake an apple cake and went to the grocery store and there I decided to take some pictures of my outfit. I am wearing something really laid back and cosy for a Saturday like this. This outfit I could also easily wear when going to the university. Too bad it's now colder again and not as sunny as the last few days :( so I put on my coat, but with it it was a little too warm. Difficult this weather. However I hope you like this outfit, I know it's nothing fancy but I also like to see other peoples cosy outfits :) 
I wish you a nice saturday! 

I fishtailbraided part of my hair 

Coat Zara / Hoodie New York street / Jeans Primark / Shoes Zara / Earrings Forever21

xx Karla Johanna

Freitag, 8. März 2013

Closet cleaning


a few days ago I cleaned my closet and reorganized it a little. It was a real mess and I it wan't easy to find everything, plus some things were hidden in the back and I totally had forgotten that I owned them :D So I kind of found new cloths. But anyway as you can see my closet it not big. It's just one with two doors and a few shelves. But I like that I can hang some stuff because when I used to lived at my parents place I did have anything to hang my stuff so this is a real upgrade now :D And I try to keep the cloths in there which I am using at the moment. So summer or winter clothes are stored somewhere else. And I keep my hoodies, sweatshirts and underwear in other places because the really would not fit in this closet. So anyway I pulled all the stuff out and piled it and went through all the cloths and decided whether I wanted to keep it or not. It was only half a year ago that I had done that but I still found some stuff I wanted to get rid of. 
Lastly to get some inspiration while dressing I thought of putting some looks I liked to the inside of the doors. So I cut out some pictures from magazines and pinned them to the door. And from now on I can keep pinning stuff there whenever I find a look that I like :)
Have you been cleaning your closet? 

The "before"

Making neat piles

Reorganizing my hangers

Nice piles :) on the upper shelf all my tshirts and tops, on the lower cardigans, jeans/pants and skirts

This is what I am getting rid of

Cutting out some pictures with my Eiffel tower scissors  

My creation which can grow from now on 

The "after"

xx Karla Johanna 

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Mittwoch, 6. März 2013

Casual shopping


today I was shopping and was wearing a really casual outfit. I was happy that the sun was still shining but I am afraid that tomorrow it will be cloudy and rainy again :( 
I didn't buy anything but found a really nice little bag at Michael Kors. But then I thought that saving money would not be bad and didn't get it. But I'll keep it in mind and if I still think about it in a few days or so I am going to get it :D I always do that when I am not quite sure if I should buy something. If I forget about it it's nor worth buying it. 
In the pictures you can see that my hair didn't change a lot, only the tips are a little lighter than before. But that's what I went for so I am happy with it and it still looks quite natural.
Have a great day :)

Jacket, Cardigan, Shirt & Shoes: Zara / Jeans: Diesel / Bag: Juicy Couture / Sunnies: H&M

xx Karla Johanna