Freitag, 15. März 2013

Some good time


yesterday I had some friends over and we had a fun evening :) We made some cinnamon rolls and had some white wine. Today I didn't have anything at the university so I could chill and I was in the city to get me some leather pants that I had ordered to Mango. I was really curious because I didn't know if the size would fit me but it did and now I am so happy :) tomorrow I am going to shoot some outfit pictures and I hope I am going to have a nice pairing with them. But let's see what my mood is like tomorrow and what I am going to wear. Yesterday a sweater came that I had been waiting for over a month (!!!) which is a really long time I think. But now I am totally in love with it and I know that I am going to wear it a lot so it was worth the wait. 
I am sorry that I am not posting that much anymore I feel bad about it. But it's hard with all the stuff that's going on but I am doing my best. 
I hope that you are fine and that you are going to have a great weekend :) 

I love to have something from Finland in my home :) 

Waiting for some yummy cinnamon rolls. I got inspired from

the outcome. Not many were left at the end of the evening :D

xx Karla Johanna


  1. Sieht aus als wäre es sehr gemütlich und lustig gewesen ;)

  2. Die cinnamon rolls sehen ja sooo lecker aus :')

  3. lecker :-)

  4. I love love love cinnamon rolls ♡

  5. Makes me happy to know that I could inspire people with my cinnamon roll recipe!!! :D Did you like them?
    And you are really pretty by the way!

    1. oh yeah they were so so good :) and all my friends liked them as well!
      Thank you so much, you are a real beauty :)