Dienstag, 30. Juli 2013

48 hours in a city: Stockholm part 1

Hey there

I couldn't blog the past few days because on Friday night I flew to Stockholm and stayed there till Sunday evening. I met my sister there, who had been working in Stockholm this summer and we wanted to share some quality time. I had been wanting to see Stockholm again for such a long time, but it never seemed like the perfect timing, but now that my sister had her last weekend there she invited me to come over, and I was so happy when I had all the flights booked :) 
The weather was lovely and we walked a lot, and my feet hurt so much at the end of the days. I was wearing my convers, which maybe wasn't the best idea, but I didn't have any better choice anyways so convers it had to be. The whole time I carried my heavy camera with me  so that I could take photos for my blog :) I decided to divide them into two parts, in this one I will show you my saturday's outfit, and then in the next one I am going to show you some of the Stockholm photos I took. 
On Saturday the weather was warm and sunny, so I decided to go with my skort because I wanted it to be comfy but also a little fashionable. For the comfort I paired them with my loose grey shirt and the white convers. I had to carry a few things with me so my neverfull bag was just perfect for that, because I could easily fit my camera, a jacket, water bottle and all the other normal things I always have with me in it. 
Sometimes it got a little windy so I put on my green jacket which is fairly new :) 
I hope you like the pictures and the outfit and let me know what you think! :)
Stick around for part two, which will come in the next days!

jacket: primark / shirt: selected / skort: zara / shoes: convers / bag: LV

Love, Karla Johanna

Mittwoch, 24. Juli 2013

I love summer

Hey there

two days back my parents and I were in Düsseldorf to do some shopping and to have dinner at the river. I found some really nice things at Zara home and they were all on sale :) I had never been to an actual zara home store, I was always just looking for their stuff online, but I think that it's definitely worth going there if you have the chance :) 
Today I was working the usual and then I was in the gym to do my workout. I really like my gym here and I am so sad that there is no good gym where I study. So when I am staying with my parents I have to enjoy going to the gym here haha :D 
I really need to go to bed now because I am so tired! I hope you like the pictures and I would be really happy to know what you think of this combination. 


top: cos / shorts: zara / shoes: convers / bag: LV

Love, Karla Johanna

Sonntag, 21. Juli 2013

My favorite summer makeup

Hey how have you been? I hope that you had a great weekend and that you could enjoy the sun and the warm weather :) In today's post I am going to show you my current make up I like to use. I know that I usually don't do any makeup posts but thought that every once in a while could make a nice change. I thought that this is the perfect moment to share my favorites because when I packed for my parents place I only took a few things with me, and what would I take with me if not my favorite products. So this is basically  what I like to us when applying make up. 


I don't use makeup everyday, but when I want to have a extra flawless looking skin I love to use the face fabric makeup by Georgio Armani because it is super mattifying and it has spf in it. The studio finish concealer by Mac I use every day to cover up my under eye circles and to hide any blemishes and rednesses I have. Both products are super long lasting.

To set the concealer and occasionally also the makeup I like to use Mac's mineralize skinfinish natural or Manhattan's 2in1 perfect teint. I think both work really well and I don't really see any big differences between them, only that the Manhattan one is much more cheaper haha. 

On the left is my favorite blush ever. It looks so boring in the packaging but applied on the cheeks it's really gorgeous. It's the sheer blush also by Georgio Armani. 
In the middle is my favorite powdery highlighter, Mac's whisper of glit, which gives my face the most perfect glow since it's a gold shimmer. 
On the right side is a liquid highlighter which I apply if I don't want to use a powdery one, because I feel like it last longer. It's more like a champagne color and it reflects light perfectly. It's called fluid sheer by Georgio Armani. 


I don't apply eyeshadow daily, but sometimes I love to create looks with my naked 2 pallet. I think you already have read a lot about it so I am not going to tell you have wonderful it is haha. 

But what I do use on a daily basis on my eyes is this paint pot by Mac in the color bare study. I use it as a base for eyeshadow or just to have a little glittery effect on my eyelids. 

For mascara I have been using the I <3 extreme from essence for a long time now. I like to try new ones every once in a while but always come back to this one. 
For my eyebrows I use the eyebrow designer also by essence because it's so easy to use and defines my eyebrows in an instant. 
I like to do my eye-line with the master precise my Maybelline because it's super black and easy to handle. 
To make my eyes look brighter I apply a nude liner on my lower waterline. I use the automatic lipliner by Rival de Loop. 

So that was it. I don't always apply everything, sometimes I just put on concealer, powder, blush and mascara, if I am running late or I am not in the mood for doing everything super prices. 
I hope that you enjoyed this different post and I would love to know what you think of my summer makeup essentials. 
I wish you a wonderful week! 

Love, Karla Johanna

Mittwoch, 17. Juli 2013

hard to decide black or white


how have you been? Today was kind of a weird day. My first workout in my "new" gym wasn't as great as I had expected, time at work didn't pass at all, I got prove that my bad mark in an exams was correct (I had still hope that it was a mistake :D) and then also other not so good things turned out. BUT great things also happened! My dad took pictures of my outfit which was really fun and that made me happy and then I also bought myself a super huge pillow since I didn't have a decent one at my parents place. So that cheered me really up! It's the small things that make me happy :) But on top of that I booked a flight to Stockholm to visit my sister because she is working there at the moment. I am super excited since I think Stockholm is really such a beautiful and nice city, but I just never have had real time to check it out. So yeah I am sooo looking forward to it and taking pictures there and hanging out with my sis. Next weeks weekend I will head there. 
Since the weather was nice today, although not very sunny, I wanted to wear my skort and I paired it with my striped shirt. To keep the colors simple I added my white convers and took the only bag I brought with me. I felt really comfortable because for me the outfit was the perfect balance between sporty and chic. 
What do you think? I would be happy to know :)

shorts and shirt: zara / shoes: coners / bag: louis vuitton

Love, Karla Johanna

Samstag, 13. Juli 2013

back as a happy girl

Hey there and well come back :) 

I was away for way too long but I just couldn't find the time to think about my dressing and take pictures. I had exams in 9 subjects so it had a hard time learning and writing all the exams. But yeah I made it and now I am so relieved and happy to go back to my normal life. Except, no I won't actually because tomorrow I will fly home and work there for about 5 weeks. But anything better than sitting in my apartment and study like a crazy one which also explains my super white skin. The best thing back home will be that my friend is there who I haven't seen for about a year now and I have missed her so much :) So yeah good times are coming! 
But now I will come back to my regular 3 to 4 posts a week :) I am so excited. In my today's outfit you can see my favorite shirt ever! I love grey and printing, and then the fabric is perfect and feels so well made, so I am very happy that I ordered it online. And the shoes I found yesterday at H&M in the sale section and I just love the color. So all in all I loved to wear this outfit during daytime. Later on I am going to see a movie "now I see you" and I am already very excited to go, but first I have to eat something :D 
I hope that you like this outfit, tell me what you think :) I would love to know. 

shirt: selected / shorts: zara / shoes: h&m / sunnies: ray ban

Love, Karla Johanna

Mittwoch, 3. Juli 2013

shine bright with a smile

Hey everyone

I hope that you are doing great :) this is my recent go to outfit. I have been wearing my nikes a lot combined with some simple jeans and print tshirt. I think the sneakers are perfect to add some color to a simpler outfit. I have been thinking of adding a used look to my grey jeans but I am not sure weather that will destroy them completely or make them look better :D Because I have been wanting some "used" look jeans for so long but I just never seem to find the perfect ones :( 
Tomorrow I will start with my two first exams and one of them is English. I hope that I it will not be too difficult haha. But I think that everything is going to be just fine. 
I hope that you are having a nice week with better weather than I am having here. 

Tshirt: primark / cardigan: zara / jeans and sunnies: h&m / sneaker: nike / bag: justfab

Love, Karla Johanna