Dienstag, 30. Juli 2013

48 hours in a city: Stockholm part 1

Hey there

I couldn't blog the past few days because on Friday night I flew to Stockholm and stayed there till Sunday evening. I met my sister there, who had been working in Stockholm this summer and we wanted to share some quality time. I had been wanting to see Stockholm again for such a long time, but it never seemed like the perfect timing, but now that my sister had her last weekend there she invited me to come over, and I was so happy when I had all the flights booked :) 
The weather was lovely and we walked a lot, and my feet hurt so much at the end of the days. I was wearing my convers, which maybe wasn't the best idea, but I didn't have any better choice anyways so convers it had to be. The whole time I carried my heavy camera with me  so that I could take photos for my blog :) I decided to divide them into two parts, in this one I will show you my saturday's outfit, and then in the next one I am going to show you some of the Stockholm photos I took. 
On Saturday the weather was warm and sunny, so I decided to go with my skort because I wanted it to be comfy but also a little fashionable. For the comfort I paired them with my loose grey shirt and the white convers. I had to carry a few things with me so my neverfull bag was just perfect for that, because I could easily fit my camera, a jacket, water bottle and all the other normal things I always have with me in it. 
Sometimes it got a little windy so I put on my green jacket which is fairly new :) 
I hope you like the pictures and the outfit and let me know what you think! :)
Stick around for part two, which will come in the next days!

jacket: primark / shirt: selected / skort: zara / shoes: convers / bag: LV

Love, Karla Johanna


  1. Tolle Bilder!
    Ich liebe ja den Skirt von Zara total und muss mir auch unbedingt einen kaufen!

    LG Franzi

  2. schöne Bilder und tolles Outfit :)

    Liebste Grüße, Kathrin von getcarriedaway

  3. Schöne Bilder und toller Ort! :)

    Liebe Grüße aus München,