Mittwoch, 20. März 2013

Raspberry red


yesterday I was in the city and wasn't looking for anything until this raspberry red sweater fell into my hands. It was love at first sight and ofc I had to try it on and it fit perfect :) I can even wear it the "one shoulder"-style which I think is quite awesome because it like it, but I just never happened to have anything that I could wear like this. So I bought it and paired it with green pants and my leather jacket. I know this outfit is not really special, but I like the colors and it's an everyday outfit. 
After university my friend came over and we made some yummy pizza :) And now I am stuck watching the 10th season of two and a half men, which I think is hilarious and I do like Asthon Kutcher. 
How do you like my everyday outfit? I hope that you are all well <3

jacket: Zara / sweater: NewYorker / pants and necklace: Primark / Bag: juicy couture / 

xx Karla Johanna


  1. Sehr schön mal wieder!
    Gefällt mir super, die Farbkombi is echt klasse!
    Die Tasche mag ich wirklich sehr und das rot steht dir total - das einzige klitzekleine is, dass ich find das die Kette nicht passt. die is zwar super schön aber mag mir dazu irgendwie nicht gefallen ;)

    LG Fio

  2. Ich finde den Sweater toll, nur mit dem Schal ist es mir etwas zu viel und die Tasche ist richtig toll! :)

  3. Hübsches outfit, habe eine ähnliche jacke von bershka (:

  4. die Hose gefällt mir :)
    miau♥ Nira von