Montag, 13. Mai 2013

get to know me: 30 facts about me


I wanted you to get to know me better, so listing a few random facts here could help to do that. I like these posts on other blogs and I think it's always fun to read them and there is always something that I wouldn't have thought. And to not just have text I added a few random pictures form my iPhone. So here I go: 

1. I wanted to become a pilot for many years, and I actually got pretty far in the application tests from Lufthansa
2. I am a morning person. I love getting up early and having like 1,5 h to get ready
3. and there is nothing better than breakfast. If I could I would eat breakfast all day :D
4. I don't eat fish, although it's very natural for Finns to eat fish :D 
5. I am really shy when it comes to getting to know new people in a group
6. I love to travel and have been to several countries like India, Mexico, USA, all central America, and then many european countries. 
7. I was an exchange student in Cost Rica for a year
8. I rarely use perfume. I have some really good ones but somehow I just forget to use them
9. I am always freezing. Although it might be hot outside I feel cold. 
10. I love summer. I am absolutely not a winter person. I have a dream of once living in a place where there is no winter :D

that was me in Hamburg at the time when I was applying for the pilot education

11. I speak 4 languages. I used to speak 5 but I have forgotten most of my french. 
12. I love watching series. Right now I am waiting for the 4th season of pretty little liars to come out (11th June yaay)
13. I always have to tidy up my home because I am messy, but I also don't like to live in a mess :D haha if that makes any sense
14. 14 is my favorite number! :) (maybe because my birthday is on June 14th)
15. I once tried to dye my hair brown but it turned out green, but I didn't really change it. So I was running around for like half a year with green hair :D haha (ok but that was like long ago) 
16. I love baking. I try to bake something weekly. This week it'll be oatmeal raisin      cookies.
17. I hate to be late for appointments. So I always plan to be 5 minutes earlier there. But I don't mind when people come late to a date.
18. I wish I could go every week to the cinema. I love the atmosphere in movie theaters.
19. I have done bungee jumping 
20. I am not afraid of any spiders nor little insects. One year in Costa Rica really get's you to get used to those little things.

this is a cake I once baked 

21. I have a friend who I have known for my whole life since our moms are also very good friends. But I don't see her that often because she lives in Finland. 
22. The only pet I have ever had were two bunnies. They were really cute but then they disappeared and I was really sad. But I want to have a little dog so badly but since I am the whole day at the university I don't think it would be nice for him/her.  
23. I don't like to order stuff online because I can't wait to see them. So I rather go into the shop so I don't have to wait. 
24. I rarely drink alcohol or go to parties 
25. Later I would love to have a job where I can travel a lot and be in airplanes haha. 
26. Navy/dark blue is my favorite color
27. I haven't eaten any chocolate for about five months
28. I am the worst when it comes to having good arguments for a discussion 
29. When I hear music in my apartment I just have to dance :D especially in the evenings before going to bed. 
30. I love reading great blogs and blogging on my own blog :) 

and here I am last summer in Finland 

I hope that you enjoyed the 30 facts about me and it helped you to get to know me better :) I would love if you would tell me what you thought of this kind of post and if you have any questions go ahead and ask me :) 

Love, Karla Johanna 


  1. Punkt 11 hahahaa..
    Ich kann auch vier Sprachen und eigentlich 5,
    aber mein Französisch ist ebenfalls eingerostet
    und ich kann nur noch ein paar Wörter und
    die 0-8-15 Sätze a la "Je m'appelle Hai-Yen. Ca va?" usw :D

    1. Jaa so ist das bei mir auch mit dem Französich und den Standartsätzen haha :)

  2. ich liebe auch frühstück und manchmal würde ich echt gerne ein müsli zu abend essen :)

    wieso hast du dich dann doch gegen die pilotenkarriere entschieden? :)


    1. jaa Müsli ist soo lecker :)
      ich hatte viele Jahre den Traum von einer Piloten Karriere, aber ich konnte mich auch in anderen Jobs sehen, also hab ich gedacht, dass ich es bei der Lufthansa versuchen werde und sollte es nicht klappen, werde ich was anderes studieren :)

  3. Total interessant! :) Welche fünf Sprachen kannst du denn? Englisch, Deutsch, Französisch, Spanisch und Finnisch? Also ich kann nur Englisch und Deutsch und das "Not-Vokabular" in paar anderen Sprache wie Russisch und Französisch. Will ja schließlich nicht in Russland oder Frankreich verhungern :)
    Liebe Grüße, Danni

    1. Freut mich :) jaa genau die. Es ist immer gut ein bisschen Sprachen zu können, vor allem in Ländern wo Englisch nicht so verbreitet ist, damit man wirklich nicht verhungert :D

  4. Das mit der Pilotin finde ich toll :) Aber da ist die Ausbildung ja schweineteuer! :)

    Alles Liebe,
    Verena von Who is Mocca?

    PS: Hast du schon bei meinem Gewinnspiel mit OASAP mitgemacht?

    1. Jaa das stimmt ist schon recht teuer... Deshalb hab ich mich auch nicht getraut das privat zu finanzieren :)

  5. ich finde solche Posts sehr interessant! In manchen Punkten sind wir komplett identisch, in anderen wieder genau das Gegenteil voneinander :'D ♥♥♥ S

  6. :D ihana. vihreä tukka puoli vuotta ja 14 is my favorite number, ehkä sen takia kun se on mun syntymäpäivä. ihan paras. tai sit kohta 23.

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