Samstag, 16. Februar 2013

No chocolate but fashion


since the begining of the year I haven't eaten any chocolate because in December I hat so much that I didn't even like it anymore and said, why not avoide chocolate till my birthday. So you gotta know that my birthday is June 14th so that means more than half a year without chocolate. I told my friends and family about my plan, so I can't cheat because they all know about it :D ... So now i have been living for about one and a half month without chocolate. Sometimes it's very hard when you are craving sweets but all you could get is chocolate, so you just have to get over it and not satisfy your sweettooth. But I haven't been cheating at all so only five months to go haha. 
But anyways the reason I am doing this blogpost is because I wanted to have something nice to eat in the evening and I got my hands on these yummy ABC cookies. So at home I got really creative and spelled different words with the letters and this is the outcome :D I really like this picture. What do you think? :) 

xx Karla Johanna


  1. congrats for being so strong, i coulöd not do it for soo long...its just too yummy!
    Is there any reason you picked chocolate?

    1. hey thank you very much :) when I decided that I would do it I didn't realize how long 6 months can actually be :D
      I picked chocolate because many sweets include it and now that I don't eat it I realize how much I really ate it before. And also a doctor once said to me that chocolate wasn't good for my system so as a nice side effect my skin is better now :)

  2. I love chocolate AND fashion! Sweetest things in the world<3

    Lg,Laura von