Dienstag, 5. März 2013

Little changes for the new season


today I am going to show you a little bit of my apartment because I got really excited with spring and started cleaning everything up and bought some flowers :) I live in a little apartment with two rooms and a little kitchen and bathroom. It's small but the white walls and the high ceiling make it feel a little bit bigger. 
Today I also went to the hairdresser and colored the tips of my hair blond. My old hair color was a little strange because it wasn't a real blond and it seemed sometimes greenish. So it was time to fix that and I am really happy with the outcome. You'll see pictures of it in my next outfit post.
Have you been freshing things up for spring? :)

I love this lamp. I was so happy when I found it at Ikea :)

The pink box and pen holder my mum bought me from India :) I love pink and gold together

xx Karla Johanna


  1. great blog & beautiful pictures!!! :-)
    I follow you!
    xoxo Chris <3

  2. very beautiful


  3. Nice to meet you.
    It's interesting to see that you're from finland. :)
    You have really nice pictures. :)
    Angi http://venustu.blogspot.de/

  4. Beutiful colors and pretty little pink bunny wanting to eat the green. :-) Thank you Karla.xxx

  5. The little pink bunny candle (is it a candle oO?) is sooo cute!

  6. Sieht total gemütlich aus! :)

  7. Your living room looks so cute!

  8. Genau IN DIESE LAMPE hab ich mich am Wochenende verliebt..! Schön und schlicht dekoriert, gefällt mir :)