Sonntag, 3. März 2013

New Love


a while ago I bought some stuff online and now finally one item came :) I had ordered it to my parents house because I was there for three weeks and thought that it would come in that time... but it didn't and while I had been sitting in the train for about 10 minutes I received a message that it there had been come a package for me. So bad luck :D but my dad mailed it to me and now I have my new baaag :) I am so happy although I actually have a ton of black bags but a new one can always freshen up some outfits. And also my new semester is starting in a week so it's nice and motivating to start with new things. 
It's very nice that the bag is adjustable in it's size. If you keep the zippers closed it's smaller than having them open because it expands to the left and right. I am really happy with it and I think the quality is good although it was not that expensive. 
How do you like the bag? :) I purchased it from

xx Karla Johanna


  1. sehr hübsch, diese Reißverschlüsse haben was =)

  2. OMg this bag is fuckn awesome!!!

  3. It remains me a little bit of that ones 'Balenciaga' I think made last season, very likeable! And practical of course. You´ve got a real sweet-looking blog, may I ask where do you study?
    Lovely E.

    1. I love Balenciaga but they are so expensive :D damn... Thank you :) I study at Reutlingen University textile technology.

  4. Richtig schön, gute Wahl :)

  5. Super schöne, schlichte Tasche.
    Gefällt mir sehr.