Freitag, 5. April 2013

My recent shopping


in this post I am going to show you what I bought recently. The majority I got this week when I was at my parents place, and two things are online orders. They were waiting for me here at my apartment and I was happy that they both came so quickly. 
I am really excited that I was this week able to extend my bag collection with Louis Vuitton's Neverfull mm bag :) I have been admiring this bag for so long and now I am so happy to have it. 
I think that in this haul are many things that I have been wanting for a long time, and they are staple pieces that I will use for a looong time :) I think it's good to spend money on quality rather than on quantity. 
What do you think of my purchases? 

white basic shirt from COS

nice and relaxed shirt for spring and summer form Primark

black jacket with gold detailing from Primark

black basic blazer with padded shoulders from Zara

closeup from the shoulder part

Geek sweater from ebay got it in a size M but really feels like something between XS and S

a really long scarf from ebay

Neverfull in size MM from Louis Vuitton

Love, Karla Johanna


  1. Oh mein Gott ! Die LV ist traumhaft!♥♥♥
    Wie viel hat sie gekostet?

  2. wow, die lv ist wirklich toll *-* wenn ich nur das geld hätte :D

    liebe grüße
    talena von

  3. Love the Blazer!


  4. wunderschöne Sachen :)

  5. Das weiße T-Shirt habe ich mir auch gekauft :P

  6. ich mag die tasche und die bluse von primark sehr :)


  7. Schöne Ausbeute!
    Hab mir letztens auch noch Basic Shirts gekauft,
    aber von Mango (kosten zurzeit im Onlineshop nur 2,95 (!) oder so :D).

    Jaaaa irgendwie schon :D,
    aber irgendwie kann ich das bei Justin Timberlake auch gar nicht vorstellen..
    also das er andere, neue Musik macht :D.
    Mag sein Album trz :))

  8. Schade das der Pulli so winzig ausfällt, ihn und den Scahl finde ich nämlich besonders hübsch :)