Sonntag, 21. April 2013

My Weekend

Hey there
in this post I am going to show you some pictures from me weekend :) I always like these posts on other blogs so I thought that I would do one of that kind too :) and I think that posting sometimes something different than my outfits is refreshing I would say :D 

my new ring from h&m which I can wear like this which I really like or... this at the pinky of my right hand :) I love it

I had some banana pancakes for breakfast (ok this one didn't turn out as good as the other ones but by then they were already gone :D) and some tea form my favorite cup which I my mom gifted to me <3

and ofc I did some workouts in my living room. I like to do a variety of workouts from youtube so that's why my laptop is got to be nearby 

 a picture of my new bikini I got :) I love the back stripes and I think that it goes perfectly with any top that is difficult to wear with a regular bra. 

and then I had to study... I skipped one exam last semester so now I have to study for it early because of time management and all that stuff :D because at the end of the semester I sure have other stuff to study for

and this is what my sunday lunch looked like. When the fridge is empty you gotta eat whatever is left :D but I like cucumbers and fired eggs :)

I wish you all a fresh new week and I hope that you liked this post :) 

Love, Karla Johanna


  1. love the rings and those bikini! Good luck for the exam :) ♥♥♥ S

  2. ich trainiere auch mal gerne nach youtube videos, wenn cih es nicht ins fitness schaffe :) nach welchen videos trainierst du denn? :)

    der ring ist ja super süß *_*


    1. Ja ich finde das ist immer eine ganz gute Alternative :) hehe. Ich mache gerne die von Blogilates, Amanda Russel oder Valerie Waters :) und du?

  3. I love your blog! It's so nice! We can follow each other if you want on Bloglovin' and Google Friend Connect? That would be great!

  4. Tolles Bikini, unterm Top sieht der echt toll aus!