Samstag, 22. Juni 2013

something new for the change


did you notice the difference? Just in time for the beginning of summer I finally have a new summer like header. I didn't like my old one so much because the colors in the background were too grayish so I always had thought of changing it but I just didn't have any idea. But then all of the sudden an idea popped into  my mind and since then I was looking like a lunatic for a white wall somewhere near haha. So today was the day it finally all of the sudden came in front of me and we took the pictures. Here I am showing you some other pictures that I considered taking but I think I chose the best of them all for my header :) 
How do you like my new header? I would love to know :) 
I wish you all a nice weekend and I am going to resume my studying yay. In three weeks it will all be over :) 

shirt: h&m / shorts: forever21 / shoes: convers

Love, Karla Johanna


  1. I really like your new header! :) awesome idea.. I love summer! ♥
    Danni :)

  2. der neue header gefällt mir echt super gut :)
    und das outfit natürlich auch ;)


  3. Wow, sieht klasse aus.

    Weiter so.

    gruss :)

  4. dein style ist echt schön;)

  5. super Bilder du Hübsche! :)

    Was hast du dir denn bei Zara im Sale bestellt? :)
    Ich könnte alle Schuhe leerkaufen... :)