Sonntag, 8. September 2013

Seals, sunset & the beach


so now I am back home and I am really jet lagged. Usually I don't have it that bad, but the 10h flight from LA to Amsterdam was terrible, we didn't have a cm to move anywhere and I couldn't sleep as much as I had wanted to. So yesterday and today I have mostly been hanging around and not feeling so well. But today I went to the gym which felt really good, since I gained quite a bit in the last two weeks :D oh boy... maybe I shouldn't have eaten everything that looked so good. But anyways I know that my motivation is up and I am so ready to get in shape again. 
So now to the pictures. In San Diego we drove one evening to La Jolla beach and we saw all these cute little seals which were so close to all the people and some were even swimming next to them. And then we also saw this beautiful and awesome sunset which I loved to see. 
Coming back to Los Angeles we stopped at Manhattan beach. The pier was nothing special which I somehow had expected, but the beach was super awesome and the weather was just perfect. But of course random me had to put on a wool sweater haha. 
So in my next post I'll show you some of what I purchased there :) 
Hope that you are doing great although the weather is very fallish, but that can also be a good thing right?! 

Love, Karla Johanna

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