Montag, 14. Oktober 2013

my day in 15 pictures

Hey there

so in this post I wanted to share one of my regular days with you. I always like to see this kinds of posts on other blogs, so I decided to do one myself :) My days are always a little different, but this is a typical monday where I only have two classes, one in the morning, and one in the afternoon. 

My day starts with showering, and then I prepare myself a cup of tea, usually green or something with fruits. 

Then I start to get ready, and do my makeup. I always like to listen to music while doing that and scrolling through blogs.

Then I'll have breakfast, that morning I went with my bf to a bakery to eat their delicious breads. 

After breakfast we did a little grocery shopping and got food for the next days (actually also a few more things than only shown in the picture haha). 

Then it was time to head to the uni... 

... and enjoying my first class of the day. 

After 90 minutes of not understanding a word, it was finally time to go home again (haha what  a hard life). The sun was shining nicely and I thought I could show you how green my campus is hehe. 

And not to forget, my outfit of the day. I wore my leather pants with a long top from Monci and my Zara blazer. 

Then it was time to study a little before cooking. 

And while my food was cooking in the oven I had a little moment to relax on the sofa and  read the magazine.

This is what I had made. A potato thing with cheese on it, nomnom. 

Then again it was time for uni, but this time a class that I actually really like :) 

By the time the class was over, it was already late and really dark outside. So I rushed home to have a cozy evening.

Back home, my bf had cooked a soup, which doesn't really look so good, but it did taste good :) 

And then it was time for a good night tea (can you spot a theme here in my mugs? haha), a candle and some tv :) 

I hope you liked this kind of different post. Let me know if you did, so I can post some more of these, because I had really fun taking pictures throughout my day :) 

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Love, Karla Johanna


  1. Toller Post!
    Die Tasse ist wirklich zuckersüß und dein Outfit gefällt mir auch sehr gut

    LG Franzi

  2. Ich mag diese Art von Postsv- mehr davon! :)

    1. Das freut mich :) mir hat es auch super Spaß gemacht ihn zu kreieren, also wird es wohl nicht der letzte bleiben :)

  3. & warst du bei der Glamour shopping week? Die Tasse auf dem ersten Bild find ich ja sowas von süß :) uuh und deine Bilder finde ich eeeeh super schön man hat sofort das gefühl iwie dabei zu sein und deinen tag mit zu erleben

    1. Jaa aber mein Kauf ist leider nach hinten los gegangen. Hab Nike Schuhe von Asos bestellt, aber die ersten waren dreckig, und die zweiten dann zu groß, und jetzt müsste ich 3 Wochen auf einen neuen Versuch warten, aber ich werde es jetzt einfach lassen! Und du? :)
      Vielen Dank das freut mich total zu hören :)