Freitag, 7. März 2014

Happy Friday

Hello there, 

are you doing well? I mean it is Friday, is there anyone who doesn't feel well on a Fridays? Haha. Just today I came to realize again how awesome Fridays are :) but unfortunately this was my last one before my new semester. Oh and about that... I am going to be in the 4th semester.... ooh my god! Unbelievable. Time passes by so fast that I just can't believe it. It feels like only half a year ago I applied to the pilot training I initially wanted to do (a little fun fact here about me hehe). But anyways, I hope that next semester will pass by fast because I have heard it is not a piece of cake and I think after that there will be something big waiting for me :) like an internship... 
But anyways, my todays outfit: I was wearing my favorite regular, somehow super boring black jeans. I added my white print T-shirt  and my classic blazer which I already wore in my last post. I somehow like to wear it at the moment very much :) And as a little fun something I put on my base cap. So I am well aware that not everyone likes them and especially not on me, but I still think it's fun to wear one and I like it :) So I am wearing it! 
I think this outfit is sporty but still with a touch of chicness because of the blazer.

How do you like this outfit? Do you generally like base caps or do you think they are a no go? 

blazer zara
jeans primark
shoes convers
bag louis vuitton
base cap new era
t-shirt ?

Love, Karla Johanna

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