Freitag, 8. Februar 2013

White and burgundy


I wanted to share with you my outfit of today. I am going out with a good friend so this is what I am planning to wear. I think the white shirt floral printing makes the outfit very classic and feminine. The faux fur vest makes it a little more relaxed. 
I am so happy that the weekend is coming :) I was working the whole week in an office and now I am looking forward to chill and having a good time with my friend. At the moment I have midterm vacation. I finished my first semester of studies and in about a week I will have the results of the exams... let's see how it all comes out. 
I hope you like the outfit and I wish you a very nice weekend :) 

vest: h&m
shirt: h&m
pants: primark
shoes: kämpgen
necklace: asos, h&m
watch: casio
armcandy: primark, asos
bag: LV

xx Karla Johanna


  1. pretty girl walking down the street8. Februar 2013 um 18:33

    woooaah, I love the pictures and how the colors fit together!

  2. Kivalta näyttää! Hyviä kuvia :)

  3. Nice one! :)